Pet Rules
  1. If (small) pets are allowed on furniture you must supply your own throw rugs or sheets to cover the couch, and not use the blankets or throws we supply (they are for human use only)

  2. Feeding to be done outside.

  3. Doors are not to be left open to allow the pets to come and go at will. (This causes unnecessary drain on heating and/or cooling and allows bugs and flying insects particularly in warmer periods causing 'fly spatter' on walls and ceilings which necessitates 'extra-ordinary' cleaning which will come out of the guests bond.

  4. All chewed up toys, bones and droppings to be picked up (and bagged) by owner and any diggings filled in.

  5. No pets allowed on beds or bedroom

  6. Pets to be cleaned of all sand and dried before coming inside.